Social media, identity and resistance to it

Social media, identity and resistance to it 

Identity and Representation in Social Media Emojis

Since its inception, the role of the virtual social networks has evolved gradually. This evolution has contributed to changing the social fabric in terms of how we interact with our surroundings, and perceive and present our own identities. According to José van Dijck, over time, the role of the social networks has shifted from beingContinue reading “Identity and Representation in Social Media Emojis”

Social Media, Performance, Identity and Resistance

Behind the Screens:  A Digital Debacle As the use of social media continues to rise in present time, individuals possess an active online presence where they are free to engage in “self-expression, communication and self-promotion.” (Dijck, 2013) It is interesting to observe the role and power of identity construction in this context. Users continue toContinue reading “Social Media, Performance, Identity and Resistance”

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