Inclusivity of Wikipedia globally and activism around this

Inclusivity of Wikipedia globally and activism around this

Can Wikipedia Save the World?

The unnerving rise of ‘fake news’ and digital manipulation has called into question how we evaluate truth. While political deception is far from new, the Internet permits ‘false’ or corrupting information to circulate with ease, threatening the ideals once promised by the World Wide Web at its launch: free-flowing knowledge, connectedness, and global understanding. However,Continue reading “Can Wikipedia Save the World?”

Lost in translation

Language serves as a measure of culture and inclusion in the world of Wikipedia. Yet this is trickier than we think.

“Wikipedia is not a reliable source!?”*

When we’re doing research, at some point we probably all land on this well-known platform called: Wikipedia. But each of the articles has a disclaimer that says that “the article published may not have accurate information completely.”

Is this true? And does this really exclude Wikipedia for academic research completely like it’s ususally suggested? Let’s find out!

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